My research interests stem from economic sociology, organizational studies, and the
sociology of culture. Through computational social science methods, I seek to
understand the operational mechanisms and behavioral patterns within cultural and
creative industries.

My current research focuses on the processes and mechanisms of gatekeeping,
exploring the roles of different types of gatekeepers or intermediaries using
computational methods. In recent studies, I have used gatekeepers in the music
industry as an example to investigate factors influencing variations in organizational
innovation levels. Additionally, in a multinational research project in which I
participated, we analyzed pre- and post-2020 music performance data to comprehend
the impact of COVID-19 on the live music industries in three countries: Taiwan, the
United States, and Greece. We also examined the influence of COVID-19 on
gatekeepers and other actors within this context.
In the realm of media industries, I have also engaged in research on emerging
information gatekeepers (new media and opinion leaders) and information controllers
(internet censorship systems). By collecting daily posts from thousands of WeChat
public accounts and documenting articles that were either system-deleted or self-
deleted, we explored China's online content censorship patterns.