Associate professor

Research Interests:

As capitalist mode of production and consumption go on to expand, the ensuing ecological environmental crisis and social conflicts present great challenges for human societies. My research interests focus on the ways in which capital, the state and the civil society interact, vie for power and shape the developing route and environmental politics. Apart from examining the trend  of environmental institutionalization and green capitalism, I also analyze the possibilities of change driven by and challenges presented by the civil society through the lens of environment justice movement, the Red-Green alliances, ecological democracy and development in transition. My research investigates the environmental and social conflicts caused by the expansion of electronics industry and science parks in Taiwan, the formation of new regulation over chemicals, the anti-petrochemistry pollution movement in Kaohsiung in light of the environmental justice perspective, and the competition and cooperation between environmental justice and labor rights. My latest research focuses on the route of energy transition that would minimise the environmental and social conflicts.