The main focus of my master thesis is on the social culture, cultural assets, indigenous plants and their social applications of the Rukai society in Taiwan. And my doctoral dissertation examines the traditional Rukai farming system and its ecosystem, the social cultural relationship and the ecotourism developed in the Rukai society, with special attention to the adaptability of the traditional farming methods of the indigenous peoples to climate change and the preservation of crop diversification in indigenous agriculture.

My current research concerns the relationship between indigenous farming and the ecosystem in the mountainous areas, the indigenous agriculture’s resilience and its adaptability to climate change, the post-disaster migration adaption to new environment of the indigenous peoples and the cultural change, agricultural, food and natural resources education, indigenous national and science education, the promotion of Rukai language, museum sociology, the sociology of agriculture, the cultural assets of the indigenous peoples, and the development of indigenous industries. 

In the future I wish to collaborate with specialists in related branches of sociology so that the research of natural sciences and social sciences flower in the indigenous studies.