我是一個文化人類學者,研究興趣在於宗教、性別、種族與現代性的多重糾葛,區域專長是東南亞,其次為廣泛的伊斯蘭世界。2017年夏我出版了我的跨宗教民族誌, Entangled Pieties: Muslim-Christian Relations and Gendered Socialities in Java, Indonesia ,詳細探討了印尼爪哇一個山城中穆斯林+基督徒混居社群的跨宗教日常生活,尤其是性別化的社會關係。 這幾年我都在從事伊斯蘭與實驗室相關的STS研究,重點尤其放在印尼馬來半島上,雖然也不時延伸到紐澳與歐美去。因為投入於清真驗證科學化這個新的研究主題,我開始注意到多物種在人類知識中的重要角色,也因此碰觸到動物生理學,分子生物學,藥學等等清真相關的實驗,並以人類學的角度來看待這些科學的論述與發展。

En-Chieh Chao is a cultural anthropologist holding her Ph.D. from Boston University, currently Associate Professor of Sociology Department at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan. Her research interests focus on the intersections between religion, gender, race, and STS (social studies of science/technology). Her book Entangled Pieties: Muslim-Christian Relations and Gendered Socialities in Java, Indonesia was released from Palgrave Macmillan in August 2017. More recently, Chao undertakes a project to study Islam with science, technology and society in the Indo-Malay world. She explores the overlooked multi-species sciences of halalness-the dynamics of Islamic ritual purity in modern life involving animal physiology, molecular biology, and oil chemistry-to expose the social contingencies that gave birth to certain scientific practices and religious understandings in the late 20th and 21st centuries. Her peer-reviewed articles (written either in English or Chinese) investigate issues including: the cultural history of inter-religious lives in Java; Islamophobia and cyber-racism in the US; young female hijab designers' social influence in Indonesia ; and the relationship between global Islamic jurisprudence, animal welfare, the modern meat industry , as well as laboratory science.
專書著作 Single author Books 

2017. Entangled Pieties: Muslim-Christian relations and gendered sociality in Java, Indonesia. Palgrave Macmillan. 
期刊文章 Journal Articles 

2020. 懂牠的痛苦:當實驗室是棲息地,而物種是生物文化回應。《科技、醫療與社會》31:15- 66。 (TSSCI)

2020. 懂牠的聲音:馬來西亞人造燕屋的聲景技術與「自然文化」的非二元空間。《科技、醫療與社會》31:115-156。 (第一作者郭育安、第二作者趙恩潔)。 (TSSCI)

2020. The Animal Body Multiple: Science, Religion, and The Invention Of Halal Stunning. Zygon®Journal of Religion and Science  55: 286-305. (SSCI)

2020. 蛻變的豬與死屍:印尼清真驗證科學化與本體論轉向再反思。《考古人類學刊》 92:31-70。(TSSCI)

2020. 跨越社會身體:瘟疫蔓延時的跨文化溝通 。《科技、醫療與社會》30:293-303。 (TSSCI)

2018. 〈「又美麗又虔敬」:中爪哇戴頭巾者社群的美/德能動性〉。《臺灣社會學刊》第 64 期,頁 1-47。 “Beautifully Islam: The Rise of “Hijabers Community” and Affective Agency in Central Java. Taiwanese Journal of Sociology 64: 1-47. (TSSCI) 

2018.〈<ahref="https://twsouthernsoc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2018_趙恩潔_清真的電擊-科技、醫療與社會-第26期.pdf">清真的電擊:關於動物福利與伊斯蘭屠宰的一段道德技術史〉。《科技、醫療與社會》26: 7-54。 “Halal Stunning: A techno-moral history of  animal welfare and Islamic slaughter.” Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine 26: 7-54. (TSSCI) 

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2011. “Blessed Fetishism: Language Ideology and Embodied Worship among Indonesian Pentecostals in Java,” Culture and Religion 12 (4): 373-399. 

專書論文 Book Sections

2021. 〈異溫層史觀:雌雄同體與離婚派對的啟示〉,《異溫層迷航記【芭樂人類學2】》,趙恩潔、林浩立主編,頁65-76,台北:左岸。

2021. 〈擁抱你的口音:西語嘲仿、阮月嬌與新台灣〉,《異溫層迷航記【芭樂人類學2】》,趙恩潔、林浩立主編,頁427-436,台北:左岸。

2021.“Science, Politics, and Islam: The Other Origin Story of Halal Authentication in Indonesia.” In Rethinking Halal: Genealogy, Current Trends, and New Interpretations. ed. Ayang Utriza Yakin and Louis-Léon Christians. Pp.128-150. Brill. (peer-reviewed)

2020. 〈如果在台灣,一個穆斯林:文化作為意義之流〉,《南方的社會,學:她者亦是共同體》,趙恩潔主編,頁149-176,台北:左岸。(經匿名審查)

2018. 〈穆斯林同性愛慾極簡史:從鄂圖曼模式反思當代同性戀常規與同志國族主義〉,《欲望性公民:同性親密公民權讀本》,陳美華、王秀雲、黃于玲主編,頁 251-276,台北:巨流。(經匿名審查) 

2018.“Counting Souls: Numbers and Mega-worship in the Global Christian Network of Indonesia.” In Pentecostal Megachurches in Southeast Asia:  Negotiating Class, Consumption and the Nation. ed. Terence Chong. Pp.47-70 Singapore: ISEAS. (peer-reviewed) 

2014. “In Each Other’s Shadow: Building Pentecostal Churches in Muslim Java” in B. Platzdasch and J. Saravanamuttu (eds.) Religious Diversity in Muslim-Majority States in Southeast Asia. Pp. 133-153. Singapore: ISEAS. (peer-reviewed) 
學術書評 Book Reviews

2018. 〈阿米娜‧瓦杜德的《古蘭經與女性:從女性觀點重讀神聖經文》〉,《新世紀宗教研究》16(3): 177-180。 

2014. “Picturing Islam: Arts and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld.” In Journal of Asian Studies 73(1): 284-286. 

2013. “The Politics of Religion in Indonesia: Syncretism, Orthodoxy and Religious Contention in Java and Bali.” In Journal of Contemporary Religion 28(1): 163-165. 

其他著作 Other Publications 

2021. 〈迷航中的靈光〉,導論,收於《異溫層迷航記【芭樂人類學2】》,趙恩潔、林浩立主編。台北:左岸。

2021. “Gods of Democracy: Divination and Epidemic Prevention in Taiwan, 2020.” Taiwan Insight, 21 Jan.

2020. 〈南方的南方:行動作為倫理〉,導論,收於《南方的社會,學:行動作為倫理》,趙恩潔主編。台北:左岸。(有審查制度)

2020. 〈南方的南方:她者亦是共同體〉,導論,收於《南方的社會,學:她者亦是共同體》,趙恩潔主編。台北:左岸。(有審查制度)

2020. “Deaths Without the Virus”. Discover Society, 6 April 2020.

2019. 〈反田野,返田野:給這一輪田野盛世的備忘錄〉,導論,收於《辶反田野:人類學異托邦故事集》,趙恩潔、蔡晏霖主編。台北:左岸。

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2012. “Born-again Cosmopolitan: the Rise of Pentecostalism in Java” in Inside Indonesia 110 (December 2012). Melbourne: Indonesian Resources and Information Program. (Online magazine, no page number).

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研討會論文 Selected Conference Papers

Sep 2019 "Purifying Beauty: Halal Cosmetics and Affective Biopower in Indonesia",Islam as a Way of Life: Circulation and Transformation of Islamic Normativity in Muslim and Non-Muslim World Conference,Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS。

Sep 2019 「女身、象徵資本與皮爾斯符號學: 清真化妝品與禮拜前儀式潔淨爭議 的啟示 」,2019 台灣女性學學會「脆弱性與能動性」年度學術研討會 。

Apr 2019 「懂牠的痛:當實驗室是一種棲息地,而物種特性是一種生物文化反應 」,2019年台灣科技與社會研究學會年會。

Aug 2018 “The Invention of Halal Stunning: A Techno-Moral History of Animal Welfare and Islamic Slaughter” in 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) meeting, Australia. 科技與社會研究年會。

Jul 2018 “Making Halal Science in Indonesia: An ethno-moral-techno history about Islam and laboratory” in AAS-in-Asia annual meeting, New Delhi, India. 亞洲研究學會亞洲年會。

Jun 2018 “Making Halal Science in Indonesia: An ethno-moral-techno history about Islam and laboratory” in Rethinking Halal: Genealogy, Current Trends, and New Interpretations Conference at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

Apr 2018 「痛苦的血作:科學實驗與另類屠宰法的跨物種痛苦翻譯 」,2018台灣科技與社會研究學會年會。成功大學。

Feb 2018 “Halal Hunters: Food Translation and Web3.0 among Indonesian Muslim Graduate Students in Taiwan” in International Workshop on Halal Food Consumption among Muslim Minorities in East and West at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Mar 2017 「清真的電擊:一段伊斯蘭屠宰與動物福利的道德技術史」,2017台灣科技與社會研究學會年會。高雄醫學大學。

Jun 2016 “Revisiting Amok Crime Scenes: Conflicting Imageries of Muslim Mobs and Christian Violence in Indonesia and Global Media” in the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) in Aisa 2016 Conference, Kyoto, Japan.

Dec 2015 “Islamic Diaspora: The transnational Ummah and the transformation of Hui in Taiwan” in Conference “Chinese Muslim (Hui) in Diaspora: Culture, Gender, Identity, and Religious Traditions” at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. (機票與飯店由香港中文大學提供)

Nov 2015 「清真檢驗與清真科學的誕生」,2015台灣社會學年會。中山大學。

Aug 2015 “Halal Hunters: Food Translation and Diasporic Biopolitics among Indonesian Muslims in Taiwan” in the 12th Annual Meeting of European Sociological Association, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech.

Mar 2015 “Life is a choice, not takdir:” The new Islamic of pious success in Indonesia” in the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) 2015 Annual Conference, Chicago, USA.

Dec 2014 “From Assimilation to Multiculturalism: Foreign Spouses and the New Policy Discourse in 21st Century Taiwan” in the 113th Annual American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting.

Oct 2014 「Protest 3.0抗爭的升級」,2014台灣人類學年會圓桌論壇。政治大學。

Mar 2014 “The intimate Homo Sacer: Criminalizing Indonesian maids in Malaysia and the escape to illegality,” in the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) 2014 Annual Conference, in Philadelphia, USA.

Mar 2014 “The Performativity of Multiculturalism: Muslim-Christian Encounters and Everyday Pluralism in Urban Java.” 新興宗教與宗教性研討會,清華大學人社系。

Dec 2013 “Patronizing citizenship: Muslim-Christian Encounters and Everyday Pluralism in Urban Java.” 中研院人社中心亞太成果發表會。

Oct 2013 “Gossiping citizenship: Women and Muslim-Christian neighborhoods in urban Java, Indonesia” in the 7th Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA) Annual Congress,由土耳其中東科技大學(METU) 邀請(機票與飯店由METU提供)。

Oct 2013 「實境破滅與認同割捨:爪哇都市中多元宗教復興對死亡儀式的再造與辯護」,臺灣人類學與民族學學會2013年會暨國科會研究成果發表。

Jun 2013 “Submitting for Sukses: Pentecostal trainings of self-Subjugation and ethno-religious Politics in Indonesia”,2013清華大學兩岸人類學論壇。

May 2013 「親密非人:馬來西亞的印尼籍女傭與裸命的國族政治」台灣東南亞學會2013年會。

Nov 2012 “Muslim-talk: Reality Television, online Commentary, and the neoliberal Citizen” in the 111th Annual American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting (Invited session by Society for Visual Anthropology).

July 2012 “Not Fanatical: The feminization of public rituals and the new Muslim alliance” in the 5th International Indonesia Forum Co-Sponsored by Yale University and Gadjah Mada University.

Apr 2012 “The feminization of public rituals and the remaking of the global Muslim politics” in the UCLA Indonesian Studies Conference.

Mar 2012 “The forbidden polygamy: Javanese kinship, modern marriage and the happy Muslim family’” in the 3rd Annual Four Field Conference of Anthropology at University of Michigan.

Dec 2011 “Miracles and duties: Building Pentecostal churches in Muslim Java” in Southeast Asia: Between the Lines Conference at University of Michigan.

Nov 2010 “Linguistic alienation and trans-subjective religious practice: Indonesians speaking in tongues” in the 109th Annual American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting.
現職 Current Position

國立中山大學社會學系專任副教授 Associate Professor of Sociology at National Sun Yat-Sen University

經歷 Past Positions

國立中山大學社會學系專任助理教授Assitant Professor of Sociology at National Sun Yat-Sen University

中央研究院人文社會科學中心亞洲太平洋區域研究專題中心博士後研究人員 Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, Academia Sinica

學歷 Education

2013 文化人類學博士,波士頓大學Ph.D. in Anthropology at Boston University

2006 人類學學士,國立台灣大學 B.A. in Anthropology, National Taiwan University

獲獎與榮譽 Awards and Fellowships 

2019 台灣科技與社會研究學會王玉豐先生年輕學者論文獎Taiwanese Association of Science, Technology and Society Award for Young Scholar Best Essay

2013 台灣東南亞學會 2013 年度優秀博碩士論文獎第一名 Taiwan Association of Southeast Asian Studies Best Doctoral Dissertation

2011-2012 Andrew. W. Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships (USA) 

2009-2010 National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Grants (USA) 

2009-2011 教育部留學獎學金 (Taiwan) 

2008-2009 Boston University Teaching Fellowship(USA) 

2007-2008 Earhart Fellowship (USA) 

2006-2007 Boston University Presidential Fellowship (USA) 

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田野工作經驗 Fieldwork Experience 

2019 6-day fieldwork 馬來西亞Universiti Putra Malaysia

2017 10-day fieldwork印尼中爪哇日惹市(Yogyakarta)

2015 10-day fieldwork印尼中爪哇日惹市(Yogyakarta)、西爪哇茂物(Bogor)

2014 1-month and 10-day fieldwork印尼中爪哇日惹市(Yogyakarta)

2013 10-day fieldwork 印尼中爪哇日惹市(Yogyakarta, Salatiga)

2012 1-month fieldwork 印尼中爪哇日惹市與沙拉迪加市(Yogyakarta, Salatiga)

2009-2010 12-month fieldwork 印尼中爪哇沙拉迪加市一年田野 (Salatiga)

2008 2-month fieldwork印尼中爪哇沙拉迪加市(Salatiga)

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